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Differences Between PUBG Mobile And PUBG Lite

In the game industry  PUBG Mobile And PUBG Lite, both are the most popular BR titles that contribute to the growth of this industry. If we talk about the daily basis user number then you will have been surprised after knowing the daily active users.  According to the 2022 year there are  511,660,501 users active on PUBG Mobile And PUBG Lite on a daily basis.

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Many players are unaware of the  differences between PUBG Mobile And PUBG mobile Lite. So, in this article we are talking about 5 main differences  between PUBG Mobile And PUBG Lite. Read the article till the end for full details. 

What is PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile was designed by Brendan Greene in 2017. He had the game design experience concept so he designed to make a Game which everyone will like. This application can be run on the 4GB RAM in the laptop but the user does not get the better performance so the player should be run on the 8GB RAM laptop. PUBG Mobile completed the 16 seasons till now. 

What is PUBG lite?

PUBG lite is another version of PUBG Mobile which is also designed by Brendan Greene. So, the question arises why use PUBG lite. The PUBG lite saves the laptop and android mobile data. The features of PUBG lite are low-end compared to PUBG Mobile.

In the below we describe the main difference between PUBG Mobile and PUBG lite. 

Availability of Maps

According to the report  May 2021 the PUBG Mobile lite offers two road maps which are Varenga and Golden Woods. But if talking about PUBG Mobile then it provides five different BR maps like Erangel, Karakin, Miramar, Sanhok, and Livik.

Number of Gameplay Modesa

PUBG Mobile And PUBG Lite are also different according to the Number of Gameplay Modesa. The bulk version of the PUBG Mobile offers multiple gameplay modes and their sub-modes where you can find the 10 different modes.

Meanwhile PUBG Mobile Lite offers only five gameplay modes under the ‘Arcade’ mode.

Graphics Options

In any game, the graphic option attracts more users. If we are talking about PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile lite, it can be differentiated according to their graphic options.PUBG Mobile lite offers only three options like Graphics, Frame Rate, and Anti-aliasing in the graphic tab. It is said that the maximum graphics support  is HDR in this iteration.

In the PUBG Mobile, players can get the huge graphic options where numerous tweaking options are also available. The maximum graphics setting in this variant is UHD (Ultra HD) with the graphic setting for combat.

Storage size

If we are talking about the storage of PUBG Mobile and PUBG lite then both are very different.  It occupies 781 MB of storage after successfully installing PUBG mobile lite. Meanwhile PUBG Mobile occupies 3.73 GB of space after its complete installation. 

Compatibility on Device
If we are talking about Compatibility of PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile lite then PUBG Mobile Lite can run smoothly on both low-end and high-end phones. Where PUBG Mobile requires mid-range or high-end devices to run seamlessly and at least 3 GB of RAM.

No. of Players in Match

As we know that the PUBG mobile has more features and space compared to PUBG lite so, PUBG mobile offers 100 players at a time and PUBG lite offers only 60 players at a time. BUt PUBG lite is easier for the low space android mobiles or laptop. But if you want to have more fun and experience then you should use PUBG mobile.

No. of Vehicles

PUBG mobile offers 17 vehicles like Buggy, UAZ (Open Top), UAZ (Closed Top), Snowmobile, Motorcycle (w/ sidecar), Motorcycle, Tukshai, Scooter, Dacia 1300, Mirado, Van, Pickup, Rony, PG-117, Aquarail‎‎, Motor Glider‎‎‎‎. And if we are talking about  PUBG lite then it offers only 6 vehicles  like Mirado, Van, Pickup, Rony. 

Pubg Lite Gameplay

Difficulty Level

The player gets the high level difficulties in the PUBG Mobile meanwhile players get the low level difficulties in PUBG lite. If you are a beginner player then you can use the PUBG lite and if you are experienced then you can use the PUBG Mobile.

Time limit

PUBG Mobile and PUBG lite can be differentiated according to the player’s time limit. PUBG Mobile offers 20-30 min to the players to complete the task where PUBG lite offers only 10 minutes to complete the task. 


In this article we have described the full information about the difference between PUBG Mobile And PUBG Lite. you have read the article till the end then you are able to know about both the applications. We are not promoting any kind of application. In this article we only give the information for users’ knowledge. If you have any query regarding the post then you can write in the comment section. We will reach you as soon as possible. 

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